Coaching – 6 Steps

You & Your Codes

Know YOU and know how your mind works.  When you know and understand yourself it is easily to start to create changes.


An amazing way to connect you to your mind ,body and soul through using pressure point in your feet.  By unblocking the body you unblock the mind.  Removing the blocks in your motion through blocks in your body through pressure points in your feet.

Bush Flower Essence

Bush Flower Essence gives you an extra mind body tool to work with to help you stay focused and on track with the changes you are making in your life.

Home Environment

Everything that is happening in your life you will see a representation in your home  and your environment.

Staying on Track

I am with you all the way on your journey of change.  We will work together as a team to ensure we create the life you want.

The New You

Life in Motion with Louise Bailey starts with a conversation and your brain codes.  You then follow through with your action steps and commitment.

Together we create the new life you desire. 

The 6 Steps


Meeting and Introduction to Your Codes


Meeting and Reflexology


Soul Energy Feng Shui


Meeting and Bush Flower Essences


Meeting and Homework


Meeting - How did you go?


Cost: $1400

Life in Motion

Life in Motion with Louise Bailey.  Kick off today and create the changes you want in your life.

Ph:    0490. 669 632