You can stay stuck in an emotion or you can make a choice and decide to move through the emotions in your mind and start creating a new life for yourself.


The journey of you, your mind, your body through the energy of the soles of your feet.

Coaching Programmes

We can look at a lake and just see water.  We can look at a mountain and think that would be hard to climb.  It is the same with life – it is how we look at life to how we acheive in life.

Decide to Change

A change starts first with a conscious decision.

Kick Off

I know I can help you move to the next stage in life.


For the past 25 years my work has been involved in Mental Health, disability and total wellbeing.
I have not only worked in these areas I have personally guided people close to me.
I studied and qualifying in reflexology when I had a health issue.  I found that traditional ways were not working for me hence I moved into using then qualifing in Reflexology, Reiki, Australian Bush Flower Essence along with Access Coding, Soul Energy Feng Shui and The ART of Living Well a world renown way of working with the mind, body and environment.
I believe to have ultimate health it is the combination of working with the mind, the body and your environment.  When you learn about your mind and the energy connection of your mind to your body you can see how you are creating the same energy in your environment.  By working with your environment you get to step out of the emotions and into action.  Action will always take you on the journey to the new changes you want.

How I Work

I work with you, your mind, your body and your environment.
I work out your Access Codes and your Mind Codes.  This takes me to who you are the person.  Everyone is unique.  Our minds work in different ways to the person beside us.
Having studied the powerful way of working with Brain Codes, Access Codes and the Chris Brazel Systems I work with you as an individual not just another client.
I will then work with reflexology to remove blocks within the body and the mind through reflexology.  A powerful mind body practise.
After we have studied your brain codes, the blocks within your body we then move to your home or office environment and create a plan of action to move you in the direction you want to go.
You will find all the blocks in the body and the mind will show up in your environment.  Hence that is why it is easy to help you change your life so you can see exactly what you are creating right in front of you.
You then have a choice – move, clean and fix or leave as it is and stay in the problem and the emotion.
It comes back to you and a decision, then a commitment of action.
We then start to take one step at a time at the pace you can handle to the journey of your new life.

 Are you lost?  Are you stuck in an emotion?

Step One

Step 2

To change your life you must first make the decision.  Then you take action one step at a time.  Life in motion, when you work with me I am there with you all the way.

You Have Choices

You can simply start with a call or you can email me today.  We can then decide the best choice of action for you.  We will work as a team, one step at a time.


 Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology is a treatment where I work on your feet to release energy blockages within the body and the mind.

It is a powerful way to work in releasing emotions, finding blocks and helping you find the road to total wellbeing.

Cost:  One Treatment $100.00

Bush Flower Essence

Bush Flower Essence

Bush Flower Essences work on the mind, body and spirit, and are obtained by extracting the healing vibrational quality from the most evolved part of the plant – the flowers. They work on an emotional level, harmonizing negative feelings and belief patterns held in the subconscious mind.

When you work with me I combine the energy releasing first through reflexology then I blend for you a special bush flower essence that you can take home until your next treatment.  This treatment takes approximately an hour and a half.

Cost:    $170

 The ART of Living Well

 The ART of Living Well

The ART of Living Well is a 6 step coaching programme where I work with you over 6 steps to help you achieve the goals you want to create in your life.

An amazing total transformation programme where I work with you with reflexology, your Access Codes, your Brain Codes, the power of working with colour and your home environment.

You always achieve results with this easy programme that takes you to the core of an issue then helps you move through the issues to achieving your goals.

Access Coding

 Access Coding

Everyone has access to what they want in life.  It is us the individual who blocks that access.  Access Coding teaches you about you, your brain codes and how your mind works.  It gives you the tool to work with in an easy way to be on track and in total energy alignment for life.

Life in Motion with Louise Bailey takes you through change one step at a time.

Life in Motion

Contact Louise Bailey today and kick off your start to change