Louise Bailey

 Life in Motion

Let me show you the easy way to cope with life and be back on track.

Life in Motion

You are driving the car but dont know how to get to the destination.  Let me help you get on the right road to the destination of your choice.

Change in Motion

You know you need change but don’t know how to change?  It’s like you know you need to swim to shore but frightened to jump in the water.

The Mind Body & Enivronment Connection

What the mind thinks, the body feels and your environment reflects.

Kick Off

 My Kick off packages helps you to connect to who you are, what is happening and what needs to change.

Mini Coaching Package

We start with the feet.  Then I will teach you about your brain codes, why you think and feel the way you do. Then action steps to move you on your way.

6 Steps to a New You

Work with me and I know I can take you to where you want to go. My 6 Step package will totally get you on track with life.

How Can I Coach You through Change?


Step One


Step Two

To change your life you must first make the decision.  Then you take action one step at a time.  Life in motion when you work with me I am there with you all the way.

Your Home and how it connects to Your Mind

What is your home saying about you, your mind and your life?

“Your home is a total representation of you, your thoughts and what you feel about life.”

I will let others share their stories to inspire you and help you make the decision to work with me or not.


“Louise is amazing - I thought change was impossible but when I joined her coaching programme one step at a time I made it through the rough days and now I feel like a new person.

– Cao Yu

Life in Motion with Louise Bailey takes you through change one step at a time.

Life in Motion

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